Our logistics services are designed to relieve the customer of logistics operations as much as possible and allow them to fully focus on their core business. All the customer has to do is inform us of their needs and we will take care of the execution and regular updating the customer on the progress of the work.

Although we rely on traditional and reliable providers of transport services, we strive to offer our customers something more. Our goal is to provide complex and comprehensive logistics solutions that relieve customers both cost and time-wise, so they don’t have to constantly look for a “better option”. We offer a fair service at a fair price, which will represent the optimal service at any given time.

Supply chain planning: If you are preparing to establish long-term partnerships, we are happy to help you with long-term planning, cost projection and preparation of various options.

Land Transport

Within land transport, we organize road and rail transport, which can represent the beginning, end or entire route within the concept of “door-to-door” execution of logistics service, depending on the customer’s preferences.

Road transport is flexible, dynamic and allows very precise delivery, while rail transport is usually more favorable, especially over longer distances. We cooperate with reliable partners for organizing truck transports with container trailers or conventional trucks. In cooperation with railway subcontractors and land terminals, we organize the transport of containers, general and bulk cargo and the transport of special cargo.

Depending on the cargo specifications, we can organize delivery with regular block trains deep into the gravitational hinterland of the port of Koper (Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Serbia) or with individual compositions to any destination.

Sea Transport

Within sea transport, we arrange the booking of sea freight for all types of sea shipments, such as container shipments (FCL), piece shipments (LCL), RO-RO transport or sea transport of general or bulk cargo, either in the direction of export or import of goods to or from any port anywhere in the world.

The location of the office in close proximity to the port terminals gives us an advantage for cooperation with Luka Koper, shipping agents, customs office and local transport companies.

As part of the maritime agency service, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services:

• loading and unloading ships
• bunker
• repairs in dock
• crew and/or passenger exchange
• supply of fresh water, food and other necessities

Transport of Exceptional Cargoes

Management of the entire logistics of transporting cargo of exceptional dimensions, both land and sea transport is a service that we pay special attention to. In this field, we are distinguished by long-term experience, good organization and connectivity of all subcontractors involved in the execution of such a demanding transport as exceptional transport.

Other Logistics Services

In addition to organizing individual forms of transport, separately or as part of a comprehensive solution, we also offer other accompanying services that are indispensable in the international logistics chain:

• storage of goods,
• transshipment operations,
• packing, palletizing, wrapping goods,
• customs clearance of goods,
• insurance of shipments,
• professional advice.

The above services are organized both within the framework of port activities and at land hinterland terminals throughout Europe.