About Us

Slovenian Logistics Company (SLD) is a company that was founded on the rich experience of colleagues who gained their knowledge in various fields of logistics, trade and finance and today want to share it with their existing as well as future customers. Custom-made logistics solutions are based on traditional transport services that we order from reliable providers throughout Slovenia, while at the same time we want to make the most use of the extremely favorable geostrategic position of Slovenia with its center in the port of Koper and thus enable our customers an economical , fast and above all reliable logistics experience that will always represent a step ahead of the competition.

We are located in Koper, which allows us direct control over the execution of logistics that includes port services. In addition to this, we want to make maximum use of the hinterland transport infrastructure as well optimize the logistics process and provide customers with reliable service at the highest level without any “hidden costs”. The proximity of the border and language knowledge as well as a branched business network enable us to offer services across the border in Trieste (IT) and Rijeka (HR), as we can also boast reliable business partners in these ports.

We cooperate directly and regularly with the port community customs administration hinterland terminals and transport providers as we believe that this is key for smooth operation and fast execution logistic support for our customers and strengthen their trust in what we do for them and in their name every day for our mutual benefit.

In addition to an exceptional location we see our advantage primarily in a closely connected team colleagues who are able to communicate openly with each other and with their customers and be available whenever they need us. We will be happy to offer you and our partners an opportunity for cooperation. Send an inquiry and we will be happy to prepare an offer.

The Team